[thelist] ASP hosting recommendations? Hostdepartment.com or other?

ManfredK manfred at manfredk.com
Wed Nov 15 22:12:33 CST 2006

I have some Sites hosted at www.ucvhost.com for just $1 Dollar a month 
and so far had no mayor Problems with them

M. Seyon wrote:
> Listees,
> I've got an old ASP (classic) site that I need to host somewhere for a 
> while. I'm currently paying $15/month at experthost.com but their level of 
> professionalism has been a bit disappointing.
> Minor things, really, but for example in their Control Panel they've got 
> the word "Domains" misspelled and their support staff recently asked me for 
> my password to resolve an issue that they really didn't need it for.
> I've recently come across hostdepartment.com at $4.95/mo and seen some 
> reviews, some positive, some not but really at that level of hosting what 
> more can you expect right.
> Wondering if anyone has any direct experience with these guys or can 
> recommend something similar.
> Because this is a pretty low priority site I don't want to spend more than 
> $15/mo on hosting.
> Thanks.
> -marc
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