[thelist] site check: http://intranetIntelligence.com/

M. Seyon evolt07 at delime.com
Thu Nov 16 01:25:40 CST 2006

Message from Joel D Canfield (11/14/2006 09:18 AM)

>Still working on http://intranetIntelligence.com/ - these issues I'm
>aware of/working on:
>I'm mostly looking for technical feedback (i.e., anything broken) but
>any comments are welcome.

Hey Joel,

The layout is broken in IE5.5 - the entire navigation bar, including the 
outer purple borders on each side, are off to the left . Also the left 
border on the content doesn't line up with the left border of the header.

Putting the purple border onto the #wrapper div might make it easier to 
deal with.

In IE and FF the three footer links are underlined. This looks a bit odd 
combined with the border around them.

I know you're asking for technical feedback but only one content comment - 
I've always considered the phrase "It is said that" to be a waste of four 
words. "Knowledge is Power" is infinitely more effective a statement.

I can submit the contact form if I disable Javascript. And isn't that 
mailto: link and email address just asking for spam?

As a potential client viewing your site I would have one glaring thought 
running through my head "if they've got such a world wide network of 
skilled technicians in *every web and computer discipline* why the heck 
couldn't they get a better designer?


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