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M. Seyon evolt07 at delime.com
Thu Nov 16 10:49:05 CST 2006

Message from Lee kowalkowski (11/16/2006 09:20 AM)

>On 16/11/06, M. Seyon <evolt07 at delime.com> wrote:
> > 3. The footer says "esales software (c) 2004 Lycosa Web Services Ltd". 
> You're
> > doing your clients a major disservice.
> >
> > All I'm really reading is "copyright 2004", and thinking "What? This site
> > hasn't been updated since 2004? I wonder if they're even going to process
> > my order."
> >
> > I would either change that to 2004-200x, or drop the date from the
> > copyright statement.
>"Copyright 2004" doesn't mean the site hasn't been updated, but I take
>your point that it is possibly a common misconception.  A date range
>is a certain indication that it has been updated.
>Other visitors may equate an older copyright date to a more established 
>You absolutely cannot drop the date from your copyright statement, and
>you must always include the year of first publication:

Thanks Lee, did not know that. In that case I would amend my suggestion to 
say that a separate copyright statement should be included for the 
client/store and it should be above the developer's statement.

Also, going to http://kirkholmecollectables.co.uk/add_to_basket.htm 
directly gives the sql error message: "There was an error.
SELECT title FROM categories WHERE category_id ="

  Perhaps not the best way to deal with errors on live site.


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