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Steven Streight steven.streight at gmail.com
Thu Nov 16 12:28:37 CST 2006

Joel: I don't mean as a selling point. I'm suggesting you list your name and
at least a general background of what you've been working on, for
Credibility. Users are reassured when they can connect a name, a land
address, an email address, a land phone number, things that indicate legit
business, and not a fly-by-night.

Even better, a small photo of you and your staff. Not for glamor or
celebrity, but for creating an atmosphere of trust and dependability.

I certainly don't mean to be harsh or accuse you of not being credible.

I will gladly help you write whatever you need re-written, for FREE, if
you'd like me to try. I'm waiting for a client to give me the green light on
doing user observation testing for an API, so I have time, I can take a stab
at it, to in some small way contribute to your success, which I sincerely
wish for you.


On 11/16/06, Joel D Canfield <joel at spinhead.com> wrote:
> > ...and why can't I see the names of these web guys so I can
> > Google them for
> > more info, so as to establish trust factor and cred???
> because I haven't made that change since you suggested it yesterday.
> also, partly because my work for nearly seven years has been almost
> entirely on intranets, so what you'll find googling my name is my music
> projects, and a reference to my 'how to write a how-to' at evolt.org
> honestly, if I thought anyone would gain anything from my name, I'd be
> using joelcanfield.com or joeldcanfield.com (I own them both) as my web
> design company/site. Yeah, my name will be there. But I don't see it as
> a selling point; unless they call based on a reference from an existing
> client, they won't know me from Adam.

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