[thelist] Firefox post data anomoly

Taurus James taurus_james at yahoo.com
Fri Nov 17 10:56:05 CST 2006

You have 4 validation errors on this page and 115 warnings.  Get the TIDY HTML Validator extenstion for FireFox.  IE is a bit more forgiving than FF when it comes to malformed markup.  You have some orphan closing tags which cause problems for sure.

- Taurus

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"Sales @ Lycosa" <sales at lycosa.co.uk> wrote: Hi all,

I have a problem with Firefox not receiving one of my post data variables. I
have a form with hidden input fields, but one of them is not passed to the


There are other input tags, which work fine, and it all works ok in IE.

Check it out:

{there is also some issues with the css menu on the left, which should be a
hierarchy - again it works ok in IE)

Please help. Thanks.

Phil Parker

Lycosa Web Services Ltd
Email: sales at lycosa.co.uk 
Web: http://www.lycosa.co.uk


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