[thelist] mod_rewrite safety

Stephen Rider evolt_org at striderweb.com
Mon Nov 27 09:18:02 CST 2006

(I'm reposting this, as it appears to have disappeared into the  
vortex over the big weekend)

Hello all --

I've been doing a lot of fooling around with mod_rewrite lately, and
thought it might be worthwhile to write up a semi-tutorial on my site
and share what I've learned with others, using what I've done as

My question is:  Would it be unsafe to reveal what mod_rewrites I use
on my site?  It's not as though my site has any state secrets or
anything, but I would prefer to keep it (reasonably) safe from
hackers.  Would revealing this in this way open the door to people
messing with my site or my host's servers?

Basically I'm rerouting example.com/site/hello/ to example.com/site/ 

Stephen Rider


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