[thelist] Windows Server Administrator

Hershel Robinson hershel at galleryrobinson.com
Mon Nov 27 14:59:59 CST 2006

I am unable to locate a Dedicated Windows host with a good admin who can 
install and configure software. I need specifically these:

1. QuickBooks 2007

2. QODBC Web Server Edition ( qodbc.com/QODBCweb.htm ) to use with PHP 
MySQL 4.1.15 PHP 5.0.4

At this point I am splitting up my search. I have places (like goDaddy) 
who seem to have a fine server to provide, but no admin.

So maybe some Evolter will step up to this task and be my admin? I am 
talking about someone to install, configure and administer these tools 
over the next few months on the server. Just until we can finish 
transferring data between QuickBooks and MySQL.


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