[thelist] Looking for help on web project

e-head ebone+thelist at dotsandloops.net
Mon Nov 27 15:16:27 CST 2006

Just curious where people turn to recruit help in open source projects ?

I'm looking for some help in developing a web based feed aggregator
similiar to gregarius (or rojo.net if you are not familiar with
gregarius). It's fairly useable right now, but frankly I'm running out
of steam, and I thought some fresh input might get me re-motivated
again. With a little bit more work, the project might even warrent a
sourceforge page.

This is all just for educational purposes and for the fun of learning
something new. It is a LAMP project right now (linux/apache/MySQL/php).

In particular, if anyone would like to flex their javascript/AJAX
muscles, I'm currently looking to revamp all the javascript and switch
to using a toolkit like jquery or prototype. 
Personally I'd prefer jquery.

There is plenty of stuff on the php side to do as well.
CSS help wouldn't be turned down either (it could use a cleanup).

So far this has been a one man show, and I am far from being an expert
in web development.

You can see what I have so far here:

Note, to see some cool AJAX in action, hold down alt while clicking on a
tag in one of the drop down menus (headlines for instance). This allows
you to select multiple tags.

Sorry to say it, but I've little confidence in what any of this will
look like in any browser other than Firefox.


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