[thelist] Interesting Sites

M. Seyon evolt07 at delime.com
Tue Nov 28 10:25:19 CST 2006

Message from Hershel Robinson (11/28/2006 04:58 PM)

>Someone sent me this today:
>The 35 Sexiest Designed Websites you've Forgotten, part 3:

Interesting indeed.

Design, like art, can be such a subjective thing though. But yet design is 
not art, not boundary-less art, at any rate. These sites might look lovely 
to some, and hence be wonderful as "pieces of art" but when all the 
graphics slow my poor hunk of a computer to a crawl, I wouldn't say they're 
particularly well designed.

I prefer a more minimalist look myself.

Good post Hershel. Thanks!


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