[thelist] Kul! Color Themes

Seth Bienek seth at sethbienek.com
Tue Nov 28 12:33:58 CST 2006

John DeStefano wrote:
> Max Schwanekamp wrote:
>> Rob Smith wrote:
>>> Graphic buddy of mine just sent me this link. It's great for making
>>> color themes, click Create and see. Sadly, the solution may not be part
>>> of the web safe color palette, but it can be useful to get ideas from:
>>> http://kuler.adobe.com/
>> Nice tool!  The websafe palette is way obsolete anyway.
>> http://www.lynda.com/hex.asp
> True, but at least the "websafe palette" still works for Linux users,
> whereas the Adobe link does not... I assume it's a Shockwave site?
> I'm getting prompted to install Flash, which I already have.  AFAIK,
> there is no solution for using Shockwave in Linux (aside from running
> it under Windows emulation, which isn't much of a solution).
> Linux folk will have to live vicariously through you on this one.
> ~John
Kuler uses Flash 9 on any platform.  Ditto with all other Flex 

For Linux, the Flash 9 player is still in beta.

Feeling saucy?  Get the Linux beta of Flash 9 here:

Take Care,


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