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Seth Bienek list at sethbienek.com
Tue Nov 28 14:12:29 CST 2006

John DeStefano wrote:
> Seth Bienek  wrote:
>> Kuler uses Flash 9 on any platform.  Ditto with all other Flex
>> applications.
> This is almost a contradiction with your next sentence...
What I meant about Kuler and Flex requiring Flash 9 player, is that all 
apps developed on the Flex platform will require Flash Player 9 , 
regardless of whether the client is Winders, Mac, Linux, or...
>> For Linux, the Flash 9 player is still in beta.
>> Feeling saucy?  Get the Linux beta of Flash 9 here:
>> http://labs.adobe.com/downloads/flashplayer9.html
> I was feeling "saucy" and installed Flash 9 beta 2 for Linux, and it
> seems fine, even on Adobe's test page.  However, the Shockwave test on
> the same page still does not work, nor does Kuler.

The kuler site says it's /supposed to/ work on Linux with Flash Player 9:
"kuler requires the Flash Player release for Mac and Windows 
and the beta player on Labs for Linux. Ensure that you have a compatible 
version of the Flash Player installed."[2]

That being said, I haven't tried it on Linux myself yet, so I can't 
speculate whether it's a local or platform-generic issue... Sorry for 
the lame duck response. :)  Glad you were feeling "saucy" though.  
Feeling saucy rawks.

> Are you sure Kuler uses Flash, and not Shockwave (judging from the
> page source, this seems to be true)?  If so, will the released version
> of Flash for Linux be supported?

I stand corrected:
"...kuler's user interface was built with Flash 9 and Actionscript 3. It 
communicates with the backend server using a REST based protocol that 
sends & receives theme data as XML. The services that are accessed on 
the backend are built using CFMX 7." [1]

With all the hype surrounding Flex, and given that this is a Flash-faced 
app, I made the (incorrect) assumption it was done in Flex.

> I don't mean to sound like an evangelist; I just hate when "great"
> stuff doesn't work for everyone (or, at least, a reasonable subset of
> the "everyone" set).
I agree with you whole-heartedly.

Take Care,


[1] http://tinyurl.com/y4palb

[2] http://labs.adobe.com/technologies/kuler/

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