[thelist] menu check, please, need to implement js and don't know how

Dwain Alford dwain.alford at gmail.com
Tue Nov 28 20:27:29 CST 2006

good whatever time of day it is where you are,

i have designed a vertical menu with a horizontal fly-out.  it's not
accessible without javascript.  i followed nick rigby's article at ala for
the css and js.  i need the menu to "tree" with javascript off and do what
it does naturally in modern browsers.

i don't know how to write js, so at this point i'm in "copy & paste" mode.
i have future plans to continue my web development education, but at the
moment my cup runneth over and time and money are my constraints.

would someone please help me out of this pickle?  i'm redesigning my
personal site and the menu is just the beginning.  i'm trying to do this
without a lot of hacks (holly hack is the exception).

page:  http://www.alforddesigngroup.com/sandbox/abstract-art-pictures.html

css:  http://www.alforddesigngroup.com/sandbox/css/studiokdd1.css

js:  http://www.alforddesigngroup.com/sandbox/css/kddmenu.js

the js comes from nick rigby's article.  i made the file because i didn't
want the js in the page, i don't know how to implement it.  also, i am aware
that i have the sub-menu hidden (for now).  this is my first attempt at this
form of coding.  i can design with css, but i now need to learn js, php and
mysql.  as i mentioned earlier, i am planning to take some classes in the
near future, but for now HELP!!!


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