[thelist] Kul! Color Themes

Barney Carroll barney at textmatters.com
Wed Nov 29 05:42:36 CST 2006

Joel D Canfield wrote:
> completely ignoring (and in part ignorant of) the shortcomings
> elsewhere, I find the circle-in-a-circle 'creator' interface nearly
> perfectly intuitive. took me an extra three seconds to find the shading
> slider below, and my joy was complete.
> I live to create a tool this inherently intuitive. (of course, it may
> just be me, and you may have found it confusing, awkward, and annoying,
> so I hope when I reach my own personal nirvana you'll forgive me.)
> joel

It's very interesting hearing people talk about this. I'm a big fan of 
Adobe's graphics mini-applications in the browser...

I've always stood afar from Shockwave and Flash (I don't even properly 
understand the difference) - I'm terribly impressed with a lot of work 
done with them, but as a css designer whose spec is to design 100% 
accessible sites, I could never justify really taking any deeper a look 
into them.

However I was recently told by my boss that there is a new version of 
Flash in development that transcends your regular upgrade in that it 
makes Flash strongly rooted in XML, and as such very modular, very 
DOM-compliant, and as such able to degrade on various levels - in short, 
'accessible'! As such, Flash is something I will 'have to learn'.

Anybody know about this mythical re-design?


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