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alan herrell - the head lemur headlemur at lemurzone.com
Wed Nov 29 19:48:40 CST 2006

Dawson Costelloe wrote:
> Hello, I'm currently putting forward a sales proposal, to design, host and
> develop quite a large, and very technical website. I have agreed to the
> client that they are purchasing the entire website, including graphics,
> domain-name and source-code as part of the price

  (however not the CMS I have
> written, this will be licensed).
> In the proposal template I'm using, it requires me to specify copyright
> information, to the client, such as ownership and other legal information.

Work for Hire

I would hold out for portfolio rights, so that you can display it for 
the next client. Other than that, it's their money, it's their stuff, it 
  saves a lot of headaches down the road trying to be a copyright cop.
Been there done that, have the complete wardrobe.

The only issue on your cms is their recovery of their data if the 
licenseing agreement falls apart. In other words, their ability to have 
the data in a format that they can plug in somewhere, the simplest being 
comma deliminted.

alan herrell - the head lemur
raving lunacy

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