[thelist] Site Check: Is it accessible?

Donna Jones donnajjones at gwi.net
Fri Dec 1 00:14:06 CST 2006

Hi Stephen:  A great tool I use a lot is Fangs 
http://sourceforge.net/projects/fangs  extension for firefox/mozilla. 
it emulates a screen reader and prints out what a user would hear.  not 
as good as using Jaws, of course, but can help.

other people have mentioned some things.  what i noticed is the lack of 
headings.  one of the ways that people use Jaws is to scan the page and 
getting all the headings is a big part of that.  You've used an image, 
e.g. for your h1 but there is no text there for a screen reader to read. 
  there are image replacement techniques which can take care of this. 
here's one article, 
bit a search would get you many more.  I have Andy Budd's book, CSS 
Mastery, and been using that as my source recently and going from there.


Stephen Rider wrote:

> Quick check of an existing site.  Simply put, is this site something  
> I can legitimately describe as "handicapped accessible"?  Fully so?   
> Partially?
> <http://www.realtymort.com/>
> Thanks much,
> Stephen Rider

Donna Jones
Portland, Maine
207 772 0266

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