[thelist] Flash with rotating images, not working in IE7

J.C. Johnson lead at offlead.com
Fri Dec 1 21:02:29 CST 2006

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> If you're saying that the Flickr slideshow works in your browser, but
> your own slideshow doesn't, then you've identified the particular
> content (rather than the browser configuration) as the key difference.
> Next step is to check whether simpler content works as you expect. Try a
> barebones HTML file with the same SWF... doublecheck that all the paths
> to external images are correct (statistically this is the most frequent
> cause of similar symptoms)... maybe even try another simple SWF
> slideshow which invokes external JPGs, to compare.
> Changing one part of the problem at a time is the quickest way I've
> found to identify the critical difference... tedious, maybe, but fast.

I've put the swf into a test page with nothing else, and did it without
using the SWFObject js that I normally use, but instead the old-style embed.
(Which means that now you have to activate the swf by clicking on it, but it
still doesn't load the images. And it doesn't validate this way.) I know
that the swf file is correctly accessing the xml file, and in turn the
images, because it is working on all other browsers we've tested, including
IE6, and has been for months. ;-) The swf file resides in the root
directory. The swf calls images.xml, which also resides in the root
directory. The images are in /images/headers/. I did try moving the jpgs to
the root directory and changing the paths listed in the xml file, but that
didn't make any difference at all. 

So I'm narrowing down at least what the problem is not, I suppose. 

The test page is at: http://custommarine.com/test.php
The xml is at: http://custommarine.com/images.xml
Images are at http://custommarine.com/images/headers/



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