[thelist] Flash with rotating images, not working in IE7

J.C. Johnson lead at offlead.com
Sat Dec 2 00:02:58 CST 2006

> <snip>
> Internet Explorer incorrectly directs some URL requests (HTTP post of form
> data) that return SWF files with no HTML wrapper to point to an incorrect
> location. As a result, Flash Player will prevent the content from loading
> --
> debugger players will display an error message, and Web players will fail
> silently. The issue has been fixed in Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 Beta
> 2.
> (134253)
> </snip>

I must confess, I'm not entirely sure what that MEANS. ;-) I'm not sure if
the above applies to my situation or not. The swf file itself does load, it
just isn't operating properly.

> On a separate but maybe related note,
> http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20061123052529AAGecdF : seems
> the default in ie7 is not to display animation, so double check your
> browser
> options.

And here again, the regular parts of the swf in question are loading, on
this site as well as others. Only the images called by xml file are not

It doesn't work outside of the html file, either. The swf file itself is
located at http://custommarine.com/headerMarine.swf and runs fine in other
browsers, but in IE7 is still not grabbing the images through the xml file.
(Eliminating what we're doing in the page itself as the problem, leaving
basically the xml or the flash as the cause.) 

Thanks folks! I'm still not at a solution, but I'm continuing to rule things
out. I'm hoping to figure this out before the clients upgrade any machines
to IE7 and discover their site no longer works. ;-) 


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