[thelist] SQL Query to count votes and order by highest

Ken Snyder ksnyder at coremr.com
Sat Dec 2 15:55:50 CST 2006

Chris Byrd wrote:
> I'm part way through creating an online voting system for various school
> 'awards' and I need a query to count the number of votes for a specific
> 'award' and list the results in descending order 
> Each time there's a vote, a row is created in a 'vote' table
> Amongst other fields in the 'vote' table are 'vote_to_student_id' and
> 'vote_award_id'
> Basically, I need to be able to run a query for each 'award_id' that
> will return (in descending order) the number of votes and each
> corresponding vote_to_student_id
This worked for me on MS SQL 2005.

SELECT vote_award_id, COUNT(vote_to_student_id) as VoteCount
FROM vote
GROUP BY vote_award_id
ORDER BY COUNT(vote_to_student_id) DESC

-- Ken

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