[thelist] fade-in slide show

David Bailey dab.hand at xtra.co.nz
Sun Dec 3 15:10:32 CST 2006

Thanks, Josh, for your reply.

> why not use Flash? It'd be a snap to create a fade in slide show...
I've never been too keen on Flash, but my reasoning may be out of  
date now. I personally hate the idea of waiting for Flash to load on  
a home page. I wouldn't mind any comments on this, as things may be  
different now. I guess it always depends on how large the file is etc...

> What kind of functionality do you want it to have? does the content
> need to be dynamic? or is it just for a relatively small series of
> images that wont change much?
It is just a series of photos, which from time to time will be  
changed to a new series (another reason I didn't think that the Flash  
option was suitable). I have two projects that require this feature.

In the meantime, with some help off-list, I've managed to work  
through the problems with the javascript solutions, and it is working  
fine now.


> Josh
> On 12/1/06, David Bailey <dab.hand at xtra.co.nz> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> My client wants a fade-in auto slide show on his home page ( http://
>> www.eurovisionltd.co.nz/index.php ). I have tried a couple, but they
>> don't validate, and have caused me no end of trouble trying to get
>> them to work. I know very little about javascript, so am quite
>> reliant on third party solutions. Can anyone point me in the right
>> direction?
>> David

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