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Julian Rickards julian.rickards at gmail.com
Sun Dec 3 17:31:26 CST 2006

My registration company has an option whereby we can pre-register for domain
names that are currently being held but if they are allowed to lapse, the
company will try to register for me. They are linked to Pool.com (which is
down today for maintenance). You could try this to gain your domain name
back again. From now on, register a domain name with a registrar, not with
your hosting service and make certain that you are the sole owner of the

On 03/12/06, Bob Meetin <ontheroad at frii.com> wrote:
> Several years ago (before I started to web design) I set up a site
> through a hosting company I found on the internet, didn't know what I
> know now, wasn't aware of groups like this, feedback sites, etc.
> One-stop shopping - great when it works, but horrible when it fails.
> This particular company both registers the domain and does the hosting.
> There were some major disruptions in service about 2 weeks back, site
> offline, no email, etc for between one and two days. Other things broke
> including cronjobs, just a mess.
> I have made efforts to get the hosting switched, but as they maintain
> access to the domain maintenance control panel and have refused to
> respond to requests to switch to godaddy (many requests) so that we
> could manage nameservers, this kind of leaves us in a hostage situation.
> godaddy is at a loss - apparently the current registrar (this company is
> acting as the reseller), must acknowledge/release this ownership.  Not
> sure I'm using the right terminology.
> Questions:
> * If anyone has had a similar experience, how did you resolve it?
> * Is there anything that can be legally done to compel the company to
> comply with the change order to godaddy? Any federal regulations that
> they must comply with or lose their license?
> * The domain registration for the site is due up within a couple weeks.
> If we were to refuse to renew, allow to expire, would we be able to
> immediately switch to godaddy (even if it takes a couple days to
> propogate) or can this company not let this happen (stranglehold)?
> * Recommendations?
> -Bob
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