[thelist] hosting problem

M. Seyon evolt07 at delime.com
Sun Dec 3 17:49:23 CST 2006

Hi Bob,

I'm afraid I've got more questions than answers at this point, but 
hopefully we can get your domain back under your control.

1. When you do a WHOIS lookup who is the listed Registrant and/or 
Administrative Contact? If either one is you, you can probably breathe a 
bit easier.

2. Is the current registrar ICANN-accredited? Check here - 

3. Do you have invoices/receipts specifically showing that you 
paid/currently pay for the domain in question? Registration and renewal. 
IE, not part of a bundled "website hosting services" line item.

If you haven't come across this article before, I suggest you have a read 

And I would STRONGLY advise that you not let that domain expire. Chances of 
recovering it are slimmer than a catwalk model. It will most probably end 
up in the hands of a reseller who will ask $xxxx for it.

If you want to drop me a note offline and include the domain in question 
I'll do some looking around.

Good luck.


Message from Bob Meetin (12/3/2006 11:32 AM)

>Several years ago (before I started to web design) I set up a site
>through a hosting company I found on the internet, didn't know what I
>know now, wasn't aware of groups like this, feedback sites, etc.
>I have made efforts to get the hosting switched, but as they maintain
>access to the domain maintenance control panel and have refused to
>respond to requests to switch to godaddy (many requests) so that we
>could manage nameservers, this kind of leaves us in a hostage situation.

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