[thelist] Site Check: Is it accessible?

Sarah Adams mr.sanders at geekjock.ca
Mon Dec 4 10:34:24 CST 2006

>>> If I were to put such words within <abbr> tags, would screen readers
>>> read out the title of the tag instead?
>>> Thus:
>>> <abbr title="parkway">Pkwy.</abbr>
>> I really like this idea, but unfortunately JAWS reads this as if the
>> abbr tag was not there.
> Does the <acronym> tag work for this?  (This is sooo frustrating that  
> browsers don't understand these tags. I thought that was the whole  
> point of them!  Not to mention the fact that "Pkwy." is a standard  
> English abbreviation of the word "parkway"....)
> <acronym title="parkway">Pkwy.</acronym>

According to this intro to accessibility (which I highly recommend,
btw), IE doesn't support <abbr> but does support <acronym>:

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