[thelist] hosting problem

Bob Meetin ontheroad at frii.com
Tue Dec 5 11:19:42 CST 2006

Update - the hosting company remains invisible, still no response to my 
requests.  I read Julian's reply, also Marc's.  The bottom line of 
course (future) is to not register a domain with a hosting company that 
registers the domain and refuses to hand over panel access - this is a 
lesson learned. 

Allowing a domain to expire appears to be a poor choice, probably costly 
and time-consuming as well as tense and likely to impact built up search 
engine history.

I went back through my contact with godaddy; here are their suggestions:
Thank you for contacting Online Support. If you are unable to come to a 
satisfactory agreement with the current registrar, you may wish to go 
through a court or arbitration forum (such as WIPO, The World 
Intellectual Property Organization, domain.disputes at wipo.int).

I would advise submitting your compliant through the hosting company's 
'Contact Us' page and perhaps the Better Business Bureau.

Godaddy also suggested checking that the registrar is registered with 
ICANN - which of course they are not a member as they are a reseller.  
Since they are not, does that mean that complaints would have to be 
filed against the registrar that they are a reseller for?

Any further suggestions?

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