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Joel D Canfield joel at spinhead.com
Tue Dec 5 13:32:32 CST 2006

on 23 Nov 2006, M. Seyon posited:

> I don't think the analogous colour scheme is working for you.
> Analagous schemes tend to give a more casual air, while
> complementary schemes are more formal and businessy. 

can you clarify, Marc? (or anyone) Do you mean the blue on blue at the
top? Overall, I was going for a subdued, pinstripe, businesslike feel;
your comment sounds like I've achieved the opposite!

I'm intrigued by your comment re: the non-emotionalization of orange; my
gut reactions are 1) it sounds true and 2) I'm terrified of using
orange, but in a kind of exciting, 'why not?' kind of way. Yeah; orange.
I like orange.

I'm totally wide open to a complete color scheme change; I'm kind of
casting about for a look that says "businesslike and professional" and
at the same time "we're not expensive beyond your means."

I'm also trying to create something with a level of design skills I can
reproduce for a client; kind of like recording my band's demo live
instead of doing overdubs and cleanup in the studio. Which probably
means, for now, doing it all myself.

While the perfect solution would be a partnership with someone with an
eye for design, that would almost certainly delay the re-launch of my
two sites more than I can afford; I need to start making a living at
this six weeks ago, and all I've done on spinhead.com is kill it back to
pretty much bare text and links in prep for the redesign. (Of course,
doing it all myself is still a delay. So many wonderful choices. Maybe
I'll just go back to bed.) There's no way I could possibly pay someone
for the work. So, for the time being, I'm struggling through doing the
whole shooting match myself.

So, specific to the color scheme - suggestions?

thanks again


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