[thelist] CSS: div background color discrepancy

Joel D Canfield joel at spinhead.com
Wed Dec 6 20:51:49 CST 2006

> I've never studied the box model. I feel it's like studying 
> Adam Smith's 
> economic theories and then wondering why they never quite 
> seem to work 
> right. Like humans in the world, web browsers are neither 
> perfect, nor 
> rational.

nah. It's actually more like learning proper English, but knowing how to
speak in the real world. I wouldn't try to use CSS without knowing the
box model any more than I'd use HTML without reading the spec, at least

> That said, I'm not seeing the space in either Opera 8.5 or 
> FF, so I'm not 
> sure how to analyse the code.

what version of FF? what OS? it's there, honest it is (I'm on XP/FF2)

> Although I know this would break the layout in other ways, does the 
> specific problem continue if you:
> - remove the display:inline from #navcontainer ul li
> - remove the float: left from float: left;

I'll play with that; I'd prefer not to just start mucking with stuff to
see what happens, but mebbe that's the point I'm at

> What's the float:left on the a element for anyways?

floating each one left, up against the previous link, so they stack
against the left edge of the page. It's 'box model' stuff ;)

> Have you tried setting #navcontainer ul AND #navcontainer ul 
> li to float: 
> left, and removing display: inline, and removing float:left 
> from the a?
> Also, have you played with the CSS List-o-matic: 
> http://accessify.com/tools-and-wizards/developer-tools/list-o-matic/

guess where I got this code from . . . . and I'm still befuddled,
because virtually identical code is working for me on six or seven other

but I'll play around and see if/how I can make it act as expected, with
or without proper layout, and maybe back into the results I really want



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