[thelist] CSS: div background color discrepancy

Joel D Canfield joel at spinhead.com
Thu Dec 7 09:18:15 CST 2006

> Ahh! I missed the float on the a element. That changes things a lot.


removed the float from the 'a', changed the container's text-align to
'left' instead of 'center' (how'd that get there? I still want to sort
out why virtually the same setup is working for me on other sites, but
not right now.)

a little bit of hover and .currentpage tweaking, and it now looks the
way I expected in the FF 2, IE 6 & 7, and NN 7 & 8. In Opera 8 & 9, the
header isn't floating to the left; have to fix that.

thanks again Jules, marc, Austin, etc.


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