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Ben Glassman bglassman at gmail.com
Thu Dec 7 10:19:34 CST 2006

I'm not sure where I heard about this first (certainly wasn't my idea) but
this is a standard of the use of HTML comments that I find pretty useful.

Usually I use it for the main div elements in a CSS layout (masthead,
content, navigation, footer, etc.).

The technique is to put an HTML comment after the closing div element that
says "end DIVID" with DIVID being the id of the div that is being closed.
This makes it easier to see how elements are nested, especially in complex


On 12/7/06, patrick <pms at stoutstreet.com> wrote:
> > On 07/12/06, Chris Ditty <cditty at gmail.com> wrote:
> >> The company that I work for currently does not have any coding
> >> standards.  No comments, no stylesheet usage, no nothing.  I have
> >> spoken with my supervisor about this and she has commented that she
> >> would like to try and get some standards in place.
> >>
> >> Can a few of you share your coding standards?  Below is what I
> >> currently have, but I am drawing a blank on what else needs to be
> >> said.
> >>
> >> Variables should be capitalized accordingly and for easy readability.
> >>         ie....myVar, dpsLookUp, qry_myApp
> >>
> >> Use stylesheets when possible.  It speeds up rendering and makes it
> >> extremely easier to change colors and other details from one location.
> >>
> >> Comment, comment, comment and oh yes, COMMENT!!!!  Comments help you
> >> and your co-workers know what you were thinking of wen you wrote that
> >> bit of code.  6 months from now, are you going to remember what you
> >> did and why you did it?
> >> --
> Tangentially, ensure you have some version control in place. Subversion
> w/TortoiseSVN etc is great on Windows. Even in a one developer shop it's
> very useful.
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