[thelist] Page Testing

Sarah Adams mr.sanders at geekjock.ca
Fri Dec 8 07:55:29 CST 2006

> You need to create some functional testing specifications that can be used
> with Automated testing applications like Silktest Mercury etc.

I've heard of automatic testing applications and scripts before, but I
have no clue how they're supposed to work - I just don't see how they
could. Testing is about not only seeing how a web app will work under
normal conditions, but also under "what happens if the user does...
this!" conditions. Users are unpredictable - I just don't see how a
computer can emulate that. But then again, maybe you're talking about a
different method of testing.

In addition to automated testing, I'm also very interested to hear more
recommendations for other useful testing methods (for users *or*

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