[thelist] Resources for color blindness testing?

Matthew Bernhardt bernhardt.7 at osu.edu
Fri Dec 8 11:39:06 CST 2006

Hello everyone,
   I was wondering what resources might exist for me to test a new design  
against common forms of color blindness? I've got a mockup page that I  
used with the Wickline color filter[1], but I'm not sure that I'm  
interpreting the results correctly - and some of the color combinations  
I'm being asked to use seem like they might be a problem.
   The palette, for anyone who wants to take a look, is here:


The page has 6 pairs of colors, each reading horizontally on that page.  
Each pair is formatted in terms of a base/highlight color. The menu will  
use the base color as its background, while the text will be the highlight  
color. The page content will use the highlight color as its background,  
while the text will be black. You can see a current mockup of this system  
in place here:


Thanks for any help,


Matt Bernhardt, bernhardt.7 at osu.edu
Webmaster  +  Fab  Lab  Coordinator
Knowlton  School   of  Architecture
The    Ohio     State    University

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