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VOLKAN ÖZÇELİK volkan.ozcelik at gmail.com
Fri Dec 8 20:25:47 CST 2006

Hi Joe,

Maybe not a book, but
> maybe essays? I feel like what I'm looking for is a  articles with the
> theme "Thinking in MVC."

Several months ago I was in a state of yours. I knew MVC conceptually but
simply could not "get it". the strict nature of MVC and transient and
stateless state of the web was not quite fitting together in my mind.

I am from a OO/Java background and I believe I'm good add playing with
objects, polymorhpism, encapsulation and all the stuff like that. However
MVC is something deeper than OO. And there is only one way to understanding
it (as you've discovered):
**getting your hands dirty**.

Anyways, that days I've scribbled my thoughts about what MVC should be like
in web applications where AJAX acts as a stub between the view and the
controller [1].  It's not much like an article. More of me talking to myself
in MVC.
I used and evolved the paradigm in the web app I've been developing for
several months [3]
(may be I will write an article on that when I find time)

And recently I've read a codeproject article [2] explaining the issue in a
more -how to say- comprehensive manner. But the core idea was the same. The
article demonstrated me once again that my argument, on how I considered MVC
should be implemented in contemporary web applications, was stable and

I picked two more codeproject articles [4] for the interested.

"A Paradigm shift in MVC"

"Improving the design pattern of web applications with AJAX"

[3] http://tinyurl.com/y9wcbn

"Applying Robustness Analysis on the Model–View–Controller (MVC)
Architecture in ASP.NET Framework, using UML"

"Development of web application using MVC II design pattern or why following
MVC II will help me"

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