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M. Seyon evolt07 at delime.com
Sat Dec 9 09:49:01 CST 2006

Message from Ben Glassman (12/7/2006 01:17 PM)

>Just thought of another one. This is something I started doing a few months
>ago and it saves me a lot of time messing around with photoshop.
>Whenever I develop a site, I create a set of classes in a "Colors" section
>of my stylesheet that contain the colors used in the site. For example:
>.blue { color: #2B5353; }
>.black { color: #000; }

Good idea Ben.

I've been using php to write css so I can use variable names for my colour 
scheme. That facility may not be available to all though.

What I would do, rather than creating styles, is to use a comment at the 
top of the css file(s). Something like

Colour codes
Masthead background: #2B5353
Main border: #666666
Body type: #0000de

Because I agree, I've done more than my share of screenshotting, etc.


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