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tim tim at hyperlinkage.com
Mon Dec 11 14:45:59 CST 2006

Julian Rickards wrote:
> I don't look at heading level as a degree of importance but rather as a
> summary of what is discussed following the heading. H2 is no more important
> than H3 and so on, it is just that H2 covers a broader topic

I've enjoyed following the discussion on this topic.

Interesting that you don't regard headings as having different levels of 
importance, as in fact that is the only meaning given to the numbers by 
the HTML specification.

Although I don't agree with your strict usage of heading tags for all 
situations, I can see how it could be a valuable addition to a set of 
coding standards.


<tip type="Use image replacement with caution">

Using CSS to replace text with a background image is widely thought to 
keep semantic meaning while retaining the graphical appearance of a 
document.  However, I have recently noticed a serious usability problem 
with this technique.

Many users with colour blindness or other visual impairment may 
configure their browser to use custom background colours.  This has the 
effect of replacing all backgrounds (including background images) on a 
page with their choice of colour.  This will removes the replaced image 
and, as all other CSS styles are still rendered, *the text alternative 
will not appear*.  If not used with extreme caution, this could render a 
web site making heavy use of this technique totally unnavigable.



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