[thelist] PHP Sessions not being passed between directories

Pringle, Ron RPringle at aurora-il.org
Tue Dec 12 10:20:15 CST 2006

I friend of mine is having an odd problem that I am trying to help him with. Using PHP 4.3xxx on a sharing hosting environment.

I create a session and make some database calls and store session info from the calls, use session_write_close and then redirect to another page in the same directory.

I print out the session vars on that redirected page and they show up just fine.

>From that page is a link which takes the user to another page in a sub-directory. From that page, I can access the session_id but not any of the session variables.

Now if I just create a session variable named Foo and assign it the value of "bar", it gets passed just fine and can be accessed from the page in the sub-directory.

Is there something obvious I'm doing wrong? I can supply some pared down sample code if it will help.


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