[thelist] Coding standards.... [headers]

Joel D Canfield joel at spinhead.com
Tue Dec 12 17:11:26 CST 2006

> Joel D Canfield wrote:
> > picture me, standing in front of an audience speaking. "Our 
> first item
> > is blah. Our third item is blah blah blah. There was no 
> second item."
> But if the purpose of the number following 'h' is to denote sequence, 
> then am I doubly flawed in having 5 '2nd' items?

eh, poorly worded on my part. should say more like "our most important
item is blah; our third most important item is blah blah blah. there is
no second most important item." which isn't logical.

> > I'm trying to understand your perspective, but it keeps 
> coming back to
> > the appearance that you're focusing on, um, appearance. Yes?
> Not appearance... I know I pointedly disagreed with the 
> notion of hs as 
> a tree schema, and also with the use of the term 'importance'... But 
> those are perhaps the best raw general terms to describe the semantic 
> structure I'm talking about!

So, are you agreeing in spite of yourself, or still disagreeing? ;)

I'm enjoying this discussion; forces me to think about what I think, and
I'm a good meta-mental mood right now.


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