[thelist] Linux Dedicated Server

Mark A. MacInnes mark.macinnes at awakeanddreaming.net
Wed Dec 13 07:27:38 CST 2006


I'm sure I remember reading some posts about this recently, but I can't 
find in the archives - I'm in a rush so excuse me if I missed them.

Can people recommend some hosts of linux dedicated servers?

- Preferably UK-based, but open to especially good non-UK-based
- Excellent and fast customer support, via 'phone, e-mail and online.
- PHP & MySQL are the only techs that *have* to work
- Ideally they would be willing to take over most of the management, but 
if not then support would need to help us out.
- Unfortunately can't say whether 1 site or multiple sites - that's 
something that hasn't been decided as of yet.

I know my requirements are fairly open, but then we're looking to get 
more info in order to make some important decisions.

Thanks in advance!

Mark A. MacInnes

- Awake & Dreaming -

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