[thelist] Proper commenting and code maintainance [was: Why doesthis JS code work the way it does???]

Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at hp.com
Wed Dec 13 10:14:17 CST 2006

Hi Gang,

Since this thread has morphed into 'proper commenting and code 
maintenance' ... a question:

Anybody playing with loading code comments, documentation, 
or training info into custom object properties?  

With object reuse in modules developed by different folks or even 
different teams does it make sense to create some common 'comment' 
attributes that you can add to give other folks a clue about 
intended use, purpose, range, restrictions, etc?

[Kind of a cheapie meta-data repository if you will.]

Good Idea?  Bad Idea?  Another of Ron's whack-a-doodle ideas?



{What if you combined it with an in-house 'bookmarklet' kind 
of thing to read these back out to you as you navigated through 
the site?  Does that make it more sensible?}

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