[thelist] Proper commenting and code maintainance [was: Whydoesthis JS code work the way it does???]

Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at hp.com
Wed Dec 13 12:17:27 CST 2006

Matt Warden asked:

>>Can you give an example of what you mean? I'm not sure I'm following.

Hi Matt,

What I was wondering was whether something like this might be useful:

$ println(ReturnFunction.DocNotes);

The qty field passed to the ReturnFunction object should always be a
positive integer.  Do not EVER send a negative number even though this
is the quantity being returned.

What I have actually done is more along the lines of embedding user help

$ println(RadioButton4.RonHelp);

Press this radio button if you want to see fiscal year results.
Warning: will not work for fiscal years prior to 1642!

That a little clearer?


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