[thelist] Apache - alternative paths

Mark Howells webdev at mountain.ch
Thu Dec 14 11:25:49 CST 2006

> In your case, maybe you would load an array from config or db  
> containing
> the default fallback locations and if the request matches one of these
> serve that up, and if not give an actual 404 response.

Thanks, Anthony and Max. This is a good idea, but the implementation  
would require that this script would be called so many times, that it  
may not be feasible. Esssentially, we'd call this script for every  
image, SWF, Javascript and CSS file served by 50 projects. We're  
intending that only straight page requests would be served directly  
from the called path.

An example: we have image paths - /i/icon/logo.gif - which the same  
across multiple projects, each with their own domain. If the project  
doesn't have it's own, bespoke image in the images folder associated  
directly with the project, then the default image should be served  
from a main master project folder. An average page has four  
Javascripts, five to ten images and four CSS files, so we're talking  
about possibly calling this script from between 15 and 20 times per  
page request. Bearing in mind that we're currently experiencing a  
throughput of 500,000 requests per day, that would be a pretty heavy  
load for such a script.

What we were hoping for would be an Apache directive, rather than an  
external script.

Mark Howells

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