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Anthony Baratta anthony at baratta.com
Thu Dec 14 11:30:10 CST 2006


Using the ErrorDocument parameter would mean that the script or whatever is called only when the requested file does not exist. Not on every request.

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> > In your case, maybe you would load an array from config or db  
> > containing
> > the default fallback locations and if the request matches one of these
> > serve that up, and if not give an actual 404 response.
> Thanks, Anthony and Max. This is a good idea, but the implementation  
> would require that this script would be called so many times, that it  
> may not be feasible. Esssentially, we'd call this script for every  
> image, SWF, Javascript and CSS file served by 50 projects. We're  
> intending that only straight page requests would be served directly  
> from the called path.
> An example: we have image paths - /i/icon/logo.gif - which the same  
> across multiple projects, each with their own domain. If the project  
> doesn't have it's own, bespoke image in the images folder associated  
> directly with the project, then the default image should be served  
> from a main master project folder. An average page has four  
> Javascripts, five to ten images and four CSS files, so we're talking  
> about possibly calling this script from between 15 and 20 times per  
> page request. Bearing in mind that we're currently experiencing a  
> throughput of 500,000 requests per day, that would be a pretty heavy  
> load for such a script.
> What we were hoping for would be an Apache directive, rather than an  
> external script.
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