[thelist] Apache - alternative paths

Mark Howells webdev at mountain.ch
Fri Dec 15 03:19:19 CST 2006

We implemented the functionality a couple of years ago on a 4th  
Dimension server, using a script, and it works well enough. We're  
just investigating the options open to us with an Apache set-up. I  
think we need to re-think the whole logic anyway; whilst it's very  
convenient to drop an alternative image into a folder and have it  
just work, we may be better off sacrificing flexibility for  
performance, as requests increase.

Thanks to all for their suggestions. If there are any other good  
idea, I'd love to hear of them!

Mark Howells

On 14.12.2006, at 18:56, Hassan Schroeder wrote:

> Regardless of whether it's handled by an external script or an  
> internal
> Apache routine, it seems to me that the biggest performance impact
> is the disk access required to determine that the target file isn't  
> there.
> If that's going to be the case more often than not, I'd suggest a  
> rethink :-)

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