[thelist] Writing Proposals

Mark Howells webdev at mountain.ch
Mon Dec 18 10:10:55 CST 2006

For larger projects, we usually agree a concept charge with the  
potential client, as many projects are very detailed and require a  
lot of planning. Sales guys will usually be worried about charging  
for something like this, but if you're going to spend more than a  
couple of hours on this kind of concept then it's totally realistic  
to charge for it. If a client wants four weeks' concept time for  
free, then they're being unrealistic and I'd avoid the client. Unless  
it's a "can't say no" client/project, in which case, I'd agree a  
special hourly/daily rate for the concept work.

Mark Howells

On 18.12.2006, at 17:06, Dawson Costelloe wrote:

> Hello, I had a meeting last week, of which the client was to sign-off
> on our initial proposal for the web project, including: hosting,
> design and development.
> They liked the initial proposal and ideas, and now want us to go on to
> write a final proposal, which would include a LOT of work and a huge
> amount of detail, as the project is very technical and not on the
> small side.
> However, our new business manager was concerned when I suggested we
> charge for the final proposal? Is this so wrong/strange? Do you
> guys/girls charge for final proposal and if so how? how do you put
> this to the client and work out the fee etc?
> (I think it's going to take me around four weeks to write the final
> proposal, including client meetings)
> Thanks.
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