[thelist] Writing Proposals

Barney Carroll barney at textmatters.com
Mon Dec 18 10:18:35 CST 2006

Hershel Robinson wrote:
>> (I think it's going to take me around four weeks to write the final
>> proposal, including client meetings)
> I myself would NOT make such an investment in time without remuneration 
> for that time. I am aware of other firms that also charge for this type 
> of work.
> Hershel
> PS: This email is free of charge. ;)

For any kind of serious long-term project, detailed proposals are an 
absolute must if you want to maintain sovereignty - otherwise the client 
can say they want everything and demand you cough up, and refuse to pay 
for extras, overtime, etc.

You must make your boss aware of that for a start. You're letting 
yourself in for all sorts if you don't.

As for pricing? Jesus, it's work isn't it?! Do they pay you by the xml 
tag or what? Every working relationship is different so I don't know how 
best to get this message across but "as a member of the civilised world 
I demand my professional advice be paid for" is in no way ridiculous. I 
don't know how you should get this across to your boss, but I'd make it 
clear it was deadly serious stuff. If you don't stand up for that, 
you're making the same mistake as you would without the detailed 
proposal - ie You can take me for a ride any time and I will pick up the 
pieces without guarantee.

Beyond the initial pitch, which is a statement as to why you are 
worthwhile employees, my company charges for everything. It's standard 


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