[thelist] Three column site collapsing in IE

Alastair Campbell ac at alastc.com
Tue Dec 19 05:43:48 CST 2006

> On 12/19/06, James Fishwick <fishwick at gmail.com> wrote:
 > I'm trying to put together a three column site...

Ben has a good point in trying to make a cut-down version. (I
cross-browser test at two main stages, once when the layout is getting
there, and then a main session at the end.)

I'm afraid I don't have time to look in depth, but a brief squize
shows that you've got the sidebar absolutely positioned, and the nav
floated. I would recommend going either with floats (see "the one true
layout" or the CSS-D wiki for examples), or using absolute positioning
for both columns (if you're sure you won't get overlap).

You might also try the YUI grids, which now do similar layouts to what
you are attempting.

Sorry I couldn't spot a a quick fix.


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