[thelist] CSS again: suspected IE funkiness on inline UL

ben morrison morrison.ben at gmail.com
Tue Dec 19 06:47:37 CST 2006

On 12/19/06, Toby <toby at creativefibre.co.uk> wrote:
> http://www.intranetintelligence.com/ii/meyertab.asp
> Hmm I have had a look at this and you are missing some fundamental parts for
> this to be maintainable, for starters you need to comment it and structure
> it better, for yourself and so that other people can look at it.
> Can I recommend you remove all styling and place the following rule at the
> top of your page:
> * {margin: 0em; padding: 0em; border: none 0px #fff;}
> This clears most of the browser funkyness until you get to forms.
> Then...
> html, body{
>   font: ;
>   color: ;
>   background: ;
> }
> Now that clears up the rest of your css document a lot. Setting a standard
> for the presentation.
> After this most people would then style the elements you will be using in
> the html such as h1/p/ul/li/ as well as some class's which are likely to use
> often.

I would be very wary of resetting these values unless you know exactly
what you are doing and the consequences that apply, YES, resetting is
fantastic as it creates a cross browser default, but it also adds in
confusion for first time users or new CSS users.

One of the early posts about it is here - read the commments:



Ben Morrison

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