[thelist] CSS again: suspected IE funkiness on inline UL

Stephen Rider evolt_org at striderweb.com
Tue Dec 19 15:42:14 CST 2006

> I certainly found it helpful to limit my use of CSS to only the  
> things which are available on all my target browsers - and not to  
> abuse known undocumented features of certain browsers -  
> particularly hacks based on the ability (or not) of certain  
> versions of certain browsers to parse CSS.

I try to avoid hack when at all possible, but the one that I almost  
always have to come back to is the "box model" hack for IE.  I use on  
of the "simplified" variations, and have not yet had problems with  
it.  (I believe that IE 7 renders the CSS correctly, and thus  
bypasses the hack part, which is fortunate)

The other method that I will on rare occasions use is Microsoft's  
"conditional comments", which basically allow you to insert HTML  
markup (such as links to stylesheets) specifically for IE (or  
specifically NOT for IE), as well as specific versions -- e.g. "IE  
version 6.0 or lower".  A little clunky, but I like it because it  
isn't actually a hack -- every browser addresses it exactly as it was  
intended to.

Stephen Rider

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