[thelist] Had to share ...

Mark Howells webdev at mountain.ch
Wed Dec 20 08:41:26 CST 2006

Between us (no-one's listening, right?)... I do that about once per  
month. Usually try to make sure that a developmed solution is as  
homogenous as possible, so that _someone_ will pay for it, even if  
it's not the intended client.

You 'aint seen me, right?

Mark Howells

On 20.12.2006, at 15:38, jason.handby wrote:

>> Project Manager Says...
>> "Why don't you build it first and then I can write a spec
>> based on what you did?"
> I must admit there was an occasion recently when I was asked to quote
> for making a change to an Windows .NET application I had written.  
> It was
> a fairly small change, and costing it was going to be about as
> time-consuming as actually doing it.
> I took a gamble and did the work, noting how long it had taken, then
> commented out my code changes and waited for the client to agree to  
> pay
> :-)
> Jason

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