[thelist] thelist Digest, Vol 46, Issue 27

James Fishwick fishwick at gmail.com
Wed Dec 20 07:35:53 CST 2006

Toby spake:

> Ben has a good point in trying to make a cut-down version. (I
> cross-browser test at two main stages, once when the layout is getting
> there, and then a main session at the end.)
> I'm afraid I don't have time to look in depth, but a brief squize
> shows that you've got the sidebar absolutely positioned, and the nav
> floated. I would recommend going either with floats (see "the one true
> layout" or the CSS-D wiki for examples), or using absolute positioning
> for both columns (if you're sure you won't get overlap)

Georg spake:
>#container {position: relative;}
>#sidebar {left: 0; top: 0;}
>...to get the positioning right.

>Also, add...
>#navigation {display: inline;}
>...to "kill" the old 'margin-doubling on floats' bug in IE6.

Julian spake:

>It seems like you might need One True Layout

Thanks very much. Starte with Georg's mark-up and decided to go with
absolute positioning for the two right columns. Stripping everything
down also revealed to me again the basics of what I was trying to
achieve after burying and kludging to code with lots of simply extras.

And I'm glad to finally have a definitive starting place for planning
my future layouts thanks to the advice imparted at the One True site.
Many standing questions are now answered after a careful reading

Much thanks for your kind assistance.

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