[thelist] Flash not 'compiling' on FF...?

Austin Harris austin at dotmail.co.uk
Thu Dec 21 04:36:48 CST 2006

Are there any jpgs in it? If so make sure they are *not* saved as "progressive".

If not I have no idea!


I know compiling is not the correct term, but bear with me ;-p

I've discovered http://www.maani.us/ and am in love..
I'm using their cahrt generator, with some dynamically generated XML
to create it.

the flash file looks for an xml file (a php file in reality, but layed
out as an SML to the browser), collects the data and formats it all
nice and pretty like..

On IE 6 (I've not tested it on other IE's) it displays great and I'm a
happy man.
But in FF, it times out, as if it's nt happy with the XML.

so my Q is:
Does Flash and or FF deal with XML ina different way to IE?
I'm about to show it to a client and would like to show him the cross
browser greatnes... but there isnt any right now :-(


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