[thelist] [css-d] ? ? Site building with upload for text ? ?

Bob Meetin ontheroad at frii.com
Thu Dec 21 08:58:45 CST 2006

The requirement is a little vague, so if I miss the target forgive me. 

Giving the tools, ftp, file upload scripts, forms, etc, a client can 
easily upload/update their own text.  With CSS you can easily set up a 
section, a <div>, etc which is reserved for client content, then use a 
form, an include file, whatever to update that section.  The problem 
that I foresee is validation.  You'll need to offer some CSS 101, html 
101, training, etc, on markup.  There are some html editors out there 
such as tinymce, but they bring along baggage and gotchas.

This is really probably not a topic for the CSS list, perhaps 
thelist at lists.evolt.org would be better choice. Contact me off list if 
you want additional details.


 Phil Turner wrote:
> Thanks David, its sorted.
> I have to quote on a job and Does anyone know if its possible to  
> build css sites where the client can upload their own text?
> The simpler the better.............
> Kind Regards

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