[thelist] html height 101%

Sarah Adams mr.sanders at geekjock.ca
Thu Dec 21 14:36:09 CST 2006

>>   html {
>>     height: 100%;
>>     margin-bottom: 1px;
>>   }
>> from this article:
>> http://www.hicksdesign.co.uk/journal/forcing-scrollbars-now-ev
>> en-better
> Ockham's razor (yes, I know I'm misapplying it; Ockham can sue me) - if
> one rule works the same as two, I'll use one. So, how is setting html
> height and margin-bottom better than just setting html height to 101%? I
> didn't get it from the article or comments. not arguing; just asking, in
> case (as is likely) I'm missing something, or confused, or ignorant.
> joel

I believe it's because if you set the height to 101%, you'll have a
"scrollable height" (sorry, just made that up) of 1% (about 7px on my
screen), whereas by setting the height to 100% and adding a 1px margin,
you ensure that you will only ever have 1px. It's a small difference,
but it could be enough to let users know they're not missing anything
below the fold.

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